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Drinking Bubbly

You can enjoy drinking bubbly any time, any day, each day.

It helps if you chill the bottle first - in the refrigerator for an hour or in ice water for 20 minutes should do the trick. Then hold the bottle at an angle, not straight upright, pointing away from people. Carefully loosen the wirehood, and holding the cork firmly [you might wish to use the champagne key we sell to afford a secure grip on the cork], twist the bottle to loosen the cork. The pressure will help push the cork out of the bottle.
Voila! Bubbly ready to drink. Pour a few ounces into a clean flute, enjoy the the sight of the streams of rising bubbles, smell the fragrance of the wine, sip and savor the flavors.

Enjoy casually with friends who drop by [ keep a bottle handy for those moments of unexpected companionship]. End the day with one you love in the intimacy of your home - two people, two glasses, one bottle of bubbly to share.
With a wine stopper, half full bottles can be preserved in the refirgerator for a few days. And if the remnants of the bottle do go flat, use in cooking as a marinade, or as the basis for an elegant sauce.